The meeting on 26/07/2021 @ 11:30 am at the LDA office went very well.

A group of 10 of us from Sattal went as representatives of the locals and the forest area. The meeting was attended by the MD and GM of KMVN (Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam), Secretary, JE, and Project Manager LDA (Lake Development Authority).

In the meeting, we handed over a letter from our end and discussed the following points:

1. We handed over a letter of our requests for their consideration. Pictures below / attached (Letter to Commissioner, Uttarakhand) 

2. The ideal way to move forward is to dismiss the old development plans and start a new project from scratch by creating a Committee of decision-makers which would include the locals and experts who have the knowledge to execute this project in a manner that is beneficial to the people of the area as well as the environment. (they said they will get back to us on this part) 

3. It was also discussed that the locals need to make some changes in their approach along with the authorities and the best way forward is by working together. 

4. A WhatsApp group has been formed post the meeting to discuss how to take things forward. 

5. We did request for replies to our RTIs which we have not received. We were informed that they have been dispatched. 

6. We were informed that they will have to get back to us regarding the shops that are to be built and if everybody can be accommodated in the new plan by checking the legalities of the process. We are hopeful that all the shopkeepers will be accommodated. 

7. We have been asked to bring onboard bird watchers, environmentalists, and an architect who could help design the area in accordance with sustainable practices. 

We are hopeful that our efforts will result in a positive working relationship between the authorities, locals, and nature! ❤️